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Visual Event Marketing With Vine! 

Posted by Janel Pettit Filed Under Social Media, Events, Video

 Vine, the 6 second video loop has long since established itself as a serious contender in your social media toolkit. And for B2B marketers, in your socialized event strategy. Why? Because people like visual interactions, and events offer a ton of opportunity for attention-getting video. This converts to higher engagement, affinity and leads with audiences that have the same interests as you or your brand, whether at the event or tuning in virtually on Twitter. People also have short attention spans so 6 seconds is a great match to fly in for a quick snack to whet the appetite for more content.

Here are some ideas on how to use Vine at events to pump up the video, and amp up the social media:

  • Demos! These are made to order for Vine loops. Watch the embedded vision robot do its thing.
  • Is someone dressed up in a funny costume for a contest or promotion? Ask them to do a dance, or just catch them in action!
  • How about the coffee or ice cream venue? Maybe catch the barista making a specialty drink swirl, or that shaky triple scoop
  • Big announcement? Catch the crowd excitement and reaction.
  • What ideas do you have? Comment here or tweet to @McBru!

Download this tip sheet for more strategies on how to maximize Vine video loops to drive social media engagement.

Download: Vine Tip Sheet for Social Media Results!