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As lead writer at a fast-paced tech B2B marketing agency like McBru, I have limited opportunities to be bored. Quite the opposite, in fact: I’m too busy writing blogs, articles and white papers to experience much ennui.

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One of the fun perks at McBru is our dog-friendly office. We have a couple of resident office dogs that make appearances from time-to-time, and they always bring excited energy and smiles!
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As a member of creative teams for the past 18 years, and now in my role at McBru as Creative Director, I’ve participated in many creative presentations – both internal and client-facing – for tech B2B marketing campaigns. Some have been joyful experiences that led to high-performing work and team pride, while others seemed to spiral out of control and end in misery for all involved. Some ended in applause, high fives and hugs while others ended in heavy sighs and eye rolling. This is an accepted part of being a creative professional. But are there ways to improve how feedback is delivered and received?

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Today, everyone's a publisher, and the LinkedIn Publisher platform makes it "no excuses" easy.

Why is LinkedIn Publisher a light-lift must-have in your marketing toolkit?

  • LinkedIn Publishing offers a unique opportunity to serve up your thought leadership content to a highly targeted audience.

  • Pay attention to how you grow your connections. You are creating the audience in which your content will have direct access and affinity to share/amplify.

  • Leverage this opportunity to engage with visitors! Be responsive and authentic.

  • Be found. LinkedIn ranks high in SEO. Consistent publishing ranks your content higher in search.

  • Relevant blog content published on LinkedIn draws more shares, blog views and CTAs.

  • With consistent posts and active engagement, your published content may roll up into the Pulse Digest for broader distribution and reach.

  • Published content appears in your LinkedIn profile adding credibility and currency.

Be a publisher and an industry influencer with this downloadable LinkedIn Publisher Best Practices tip sheet.

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What questions can we help with? What best practices would you add? We'd love to hear from you!

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