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Live Broadcast! Why & How: Periscope Tip Sheet

Posted by Janel Pettit Filed Under Social Media

Lately, there's a lot of buzz around live broadcasting from social media. Periscope launched right on the heels of Meerkat bringing new energy to an application that's not new. Here's why it matters and is changing the way we engage.
About Periscope

Periscope is a free mobile app on iOS & Android acquired by Twitter in Q2 2015. With Periscope you can shoot live video broadcasts and share out on Twitter.

You can replay Periscope broadcasts for up to 24 hours, however there is an “autosave” feature in Periscope settings to save on your mobile device for ongoing syndication. Periscope replays can also be viewed on the web.

Why Periscope (Live Broadcast)

Periscope is a relatively new app but is rapidly gaining adoption and a follower base. There are other precedent live broadcasting platforms but Periscope stands out because it is easily used as a mobile app and highly social with Twitter integration.
  • Periscope makes on-demand live broadcasting turn-key
  • Anyone with a mobile device can "scope" making it accessible and available to create real-time user generated content
  • Broadcasts can be viewed live eliminating time delay with video uploads and hosting
  • Periscope broadcasts aren't time-boxed like some other social media platforms such as 30 second in-app Twitter videos or 15 second videos on Instagram
  • Periscope includes a chat feature that can be enabled making it interactive for real-time audience engagement and feedback
  • Broadcasts can be shared live to Periscope and Twitter followers for expanded reach
  • Periscope replays can be shared to Twitter and on iOS, also to Facebook. 
  • Periscope broadcasts can be set to "autosave" so they can be used in ongoing content syndication (social media, blogs, website embeds)
According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of Americans own a mobile device (64% are adults - up 83% since 2011). That's an enormous audience potential on mobile!

How To Use Periscope
Download Your Periscope Tip Sheet
In B2B and B2C marketing there are strong use cases for live broadcasting. Here are a few examples:
  • Compelling and visual product demonstrations with a SME moderator interviewing event participants
  • Moderate a thought leader/executive/influencer with compelling insights/news - enable chat for Q&A
  • Q&A with audience/customers on reactions to launch announcement
  • Feet-on-the-street Q&A with people about reaction to news or events
Periscope Marketing Checklist
  • Download the Periscope app on mobile device
  • Enable Auto-save feature under settings
    • (Ensure sufficient storage space (5MB+) to save broadcasts for staging to long-term storage to use for ongoing syndication - then delete from mobile)
  • Identify Periscope channel to broadcast from:
    • Brand
    • Persona
  • Create Periscope broadcast title - 5-8 words - optimize with event/speaker hashtags
  • Determine roles:
    • Shoot and save Periscope broadcast with title (will need mobile with Periscope app and credentials to Periscope channel)
    • Moderate (intro/exit, commentary, serve questions) - with demonstration SMEs, event participants, thought leader
    • Facilitate chat - identify questions coming in from chat (this could be moderator role)
    • Broadcast subjects - executives, SMEs, event participants
  • Develop interview questions or storyboard broadcast (sequence of activity)
  • Prompt live broadcast viewers to invite others via Twitter to view on Twitter or web
  • Create advance promotion plan
    • Social media
    • Blogs
How do you use live broadcasting for marketing or communications? Please comment here or tweet to @janelpettit. I'd love to hear!
Download Your Periscope Tip Sheet