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Boo! 5 of the Most Frightening Digital Marketing Mistakes Brands Make

Posted by Anna Reinhard Filed Under Public Relations, Social Media, Content

Every so often you hear about a huge marketing fail from a brand. But more common are little mistakes that brands make in their PR messages and marketing strategies. This recent PR Daily article listed three of the worst digital marketing sins that brands make and we couldn't help but add two more that totally freak us out!

  1. Hashtag jacking. Just because you want your brand engaged in a trending topic or conversation doesn't mean you should hijack just any hashtag. Stop and make sure it's relevant to your brand and on target with what your followers are interested in. 
  2. Solo SEO.As PR Daily notes, SEO falls under 3 key areas, in-site, on-site and off-site. Always enlist the help of SEO experts and make sure your content is embedded correctly in-site. The content should be readable and relevant.  
  3. Publisher pride. Many marketers exhaust audiences with their "Me! Me! Me!" attitude. Brands should follow the rule of thirds and post a mix of company news, culture and industry content.   
  4. No mobile optimization. Just the thought of a website poorly optimized for mobile makes our skin crawl! Make content not only accessible but optimized for mobile and you'll avoid one of our most horrifying digital marketing mistakes. 
  5. Channel overload. How often do you see brands that have almost every social media account available, but they barely post on any of them? Stick to quality over quantity. Run a mix of channels that are relevant to your audiences and post quality content frequently.
Do you have any other digital marketing mistakes that give you the spooks? Let us know! 

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