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Tarah Hartzler

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There's no doubt about it, we're in fast-paced industry. Technology moves quickly and to stay ahead of our B2B tech clients and their various industries, we have to go even faster. On one hand, it keeps things interesting, but how can we stay productive and get everything done while still trying to achieve balance?

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One thing I've learned in B2B marketing is that content can make or break a program. Whether for a website, email nurturing or social media program, the availability of high-quality, relevant content can make all the difference. To break it down to the most basic terms: your client may have an extremely valuable product or service and tons of interesting insights, but to succeed in marketing, you must create content for your brand to be found online.

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McBru recently partnered with the fine folks over at Revolver Digital Media Studio on a video production project for our client Reaction Design (now part of ANSYS).

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It looks like Obama's State of the Union Address isn't the only thing getting fact-checked in the news this week. Take a look at this article from ReadWrite yesterday where IBM gets called out on some extremely bold claims its spokesperson made in a recent interview.

As public relations professionals, we frequently guide clients in crafting messaging for announcements and press interviews. We generally advise against using positioning statements with blanket superlative language (the "biggest" and "the leader") unless they're backed by solid research and supported by facts.

This is a good reminder of what could happen when clients go off script, making unsubstantiated claims that are exaggerated, or even patently untrue. In the piece, IBM gets busted for claiming to be the world's largest cloud provider, a title that rightfully belongs to Amazon Web Services. Apparently, Microsoft also falsely made this claim several months ago.

The moral of the story? Today's journalists are not afraid to publicly call out untruths, so play it safe and stick with the facts.

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An article in Ad Age BtoB brought to light some interesting research by Forrester. The research firm recently published a new report about how business-to-business content flunks at customer engagement. The study reviewed 30 B2B websites in the technology, software, investing, medical products, manufacturing and services industries and reported that “the majority of b-to-b websites fail to engage users with content.”

Forrester identified 10 criteria to judge if the content was engaging, ranging from a customer-centric home page to innovative use of video. A perfect score was 30 and a passing score was 20. Only four companies passed and the average score was just 12.8.

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Here’s a little something from McBru to make your holiday a little brighter. Check out this video and “Make it so!”

Video credit: jamescovenant / Star Tunes

Want to meet some fellow Trekkies?

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