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Lately, there's a lot of buzz around live broadcasting from social media. Periscope launched right on the heels of Meerkat bringing new energy to an application that's not new. Here's why it matters and is changing the way we engage.
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I’m usually asked this question in the context of gaining buy-in from leadership making investment decisions in marketing programs. How does social media add value to business objectives? Drive bottom-line outcomes? This isn’t an ROI calculation on clicks per CTA (conversions, registrations, downloads, leads, etc.) but rather, social media as a driving contributor of top-line organizational initiatives.

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“If we had to pick one key theme that has emerged from this year’s B2B research, it would be this: If you want to be more effective at content marketing, document your strategy.”

This introduction to the 2015 B2B Content Marketing Trends report by Joe Pulizzi and Ann Handley nails it. B2B marketers know first-hand that the right content timed to the customer journey where and when they want to consume information is the path to engagement (a.k.a. affinity, demand gen, sales). But is it the starting point?

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 Vine, the 6 second video loop has long since established itself as a serious contender in your social media toolkit. And for B2B marketers, in your socialized event strategy. Why? Because people like visual interactions, and events offer a ton of opportunity for attention-getting video. This converts to higher engagement, affinity and leads with audiences that have the same interests as you or your brand, whether at the event or tuning in virtually on Twitter. People also have short attention spans so 6 seconds is a great match to fly in for a quick snack to whet the appetite for more content.

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As of November 2014, 98% of the top 100 global brands were on Twitter. Half of them tweet 1-5 times per day (some more). Not all brands are in the top 100 worldwide league, but this adoption rate denotes a value for the medium.

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Data-driven analytics make social media a powerful component to marketing plans. Optimize insights with closed loop social media marketing.

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Today, everyone's a publisher, and the LinkedIn Publisher platform makes it "no excuses" easy.

Why is LinkedIn Publisher a light-lift must-have in your marketing toolkit?

  • LinkedIn Publishing offers a unique opportunity to serve up your thought leadership content to a highly targeted audience.

  • Pay attention to how you grow your connections. You are creating the audience in which your content will have direct access and affinity to share/amplify.

  • Leverage this opportunity to engage with visitors! Be responsive and authentic.

  • Be found. LinkedIn ranks high in SEO. Consistent publishing ranks your content higher in search.

  • Relevant blog content published on LinkedIn draws more shares, blog views and CTAs.

  • With consistent posts and active engagement, your published content may roll up into the Pulse Digest for broader distribution and reach.

  • Published content appears in your LinkedIn profile adding credibility and currency.

Be a publisher and an industry influencer with this downloadable LinkedIn Publisher Best Practices tip sheet.

 Download here!

What questions can we help with? What best practices would you add? We'd love to hear from you!

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Is Social Selling (aka the active use of tech B2B social media to support sales) more than a catch phrase in your business? Whether a salesforce of hundreds, or a startup jack-of-all-trades, all marketers who are eager to reach a qualified pool of B2B prospects can find it on LinkedIn. 

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Have you done a 360 lately? That is, a comprehensive macro view of your social media program. Whether for your own tech B2B business or a client's, a Social Media 360 can help lift your head up to analyze morphing goals and find out how they line up with a program that drives results.

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